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Today the work is conducted in the trenches T08 and T09.
In T09 the soil is very soft under the topsoil. And the material is diachronic. There are both EBA and LBA sherds. The faunal material is very rich, but no cultural level is observed yet.
We have a rather interesting situation in T08. Here we uncovered a wall (W802) of very small stones (in average 20x15x7cm). Its length is about 4.5m. The preserved height - 55-56cm. It is parallel to W801, but it curves apparently in both ends. The question of the floor is rather difficult as the whole area is covered with fallen stones, so that we cannot even separate different locai. Thus, for this collapse in front of the walls W801 and W802 we have locus 1. The area behind the wall W801 is marked as locus 2. The distance of the walls is 8cm in the closest and 42cm in the farthest parts. The material in front of the W802 is very rich.
In T09 no architectural remains are found so we devided the area in 2 parts and we continue the work only in one (2,5x5m). The material is still mixed. Here we have found a small find - tsanrots (part).