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Today the work is conducted in T08 and T09.
In T08 we continue cleaning the wall W802. The area in the northern part of the wall we separate as locus 3. And the collapse of the southern part - locus 4. In this part the wall W801 curves on 60 degrees to the east. In the locus 3 we finally opened the corner of 3 walls (W801-W802-W803). Here in the corner there is a probable floor. It is completely black as if it was covered by ashes. This level is on -176 cm from 0 point.
In T09 we go on deepening the level - locus 2. The soil is very soft and light. On -82cm we uncovered a range of stones (maybe a wall). The soil doesn't change until -104 cm. Here it is visible in the section that the soil color has not changed, but it is more grainy. This level of 3 cm grainy light soik covered the whole are. No other visible changes, the ceramic is mixed so we didn't change the locus. On -114/116 cm the soil became harder with high consistent of clay. We marked it as locus 3.