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Rain (and high winds) hindered much of the work today in AB4, but progress was made in the removal of the locus 25 wall fall and exposure of the floor below, rock cleaning in topsoil locus 24, rock pulling and section cleaning at northern trench center, and cleaning of AB1-3 in preparation for drone photography.

In trench SE, locus 25, we cleared all of the pebble fall and clayey matrix down to the EB floor, leaving in situ floor ceramics in place wherever possible. Rain precluded final measuring and photography work here, but we covered the exposed materials with a blue tarp to protect. There does not appear to be any architecture here as posited previously.

In locus 24, trench west, we are rapidly approaching the yellowish brown silty layer visible under this topsoil matrix in the mid-trench section. Rock fall appears to correspond to the surface mounding/architectural indications, except for in the NW trench corner where a circular array of slanted stones slightly resembles a shallow cist, including several flat, white "capstones." We plan to clean more deeply to expose this further. A rock pendant was recovered from this locus.

As rain and wind made troweling difficult in locus 24, we shifted focus to the mid-trench chronological and erosional transition (north/northeast wall), where rock pulling an matrix removal are clarifying the relationship between the locus 6 clay floor in trench west and the clay floors visible in the trench east section along the same wall. Work remains to be done here (loci 26 and 27), material frequencies were low.

At the most rain intense part of the day, we worked to clean the trench walls/lines and remove turf fall and large plants from operations AB1-3. A complete LB cup was recovered from the AB1 topsoil during wall work.