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Another very hot and dry day at Aragatsi Berd, but we were able to remain productive and descend further towards our LB floor destination. We also worked to clarify the wall portions visible in the southern AB4 extension.

In the LB room we continued to descend in locus 46, collecting C14 samples and coming to rest on a significant bedrock bench in the southwest room portion. The bedrock also appears to support wall loci 4 and 45. In the northwestern corner of the trench, the bedrock appears to fall off and rock fall appears, including a number of flat stones, suggesting a pit of the same type and fill as that of AB3.

In loci 47 and 48 (and a little of remaining locus 43), we reached bedrock and cleaned and exposed all remaining architecture. Only a small portion of unclarified context remains in the southwestern-most corner of the operation.

We will descend further tomorrow as locus 51 in areas not already occupied by pit pavers or bedrock.