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First day of survey for myself after arrival in Armenia. Started the survey on the southeast slope between the planned forest. We broke into pairs for our first transect and walked down the slope. Alan and myself walked to the east and recorded a grave and cluster of metal parts and modern ceramics perhaps Soviet era. Afrer that we broke apart and recorded grave cluster Ar/AG.AG15.03. The clusters appeared to get more dense as we went up the hill. Architectual structures such as walls and possible canal were visiable. After lunch we walked on the lower part of the field. This area was densly vegetated with wild flowers and grasses. Patches of wild flower could be seen from above as carpets of dense colors. Fewer graves were present, but would be more difficult to spot. A possible wall was found that streched between myself and gabby. I found another possible wall structure Ar/Ap.AC.15.01.