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The range of the stones certainly is a wall, which goes perpendicular to the length of the trench. So, to open it on a larger scale we extend the trench on 3m (1.5m on each side). Thus the dimensions of the trench are now 5x5m. In trench 06 the level of the soil is very thin. On the depth of 40-45cm appears the bedrock. The traces of a wall are too little (a range of three stones), so the work here is terminated and the workers move to trench 05. The material from the topsoil consisted of ceramics--apparently of EBA.
On 70cm from the zero point appeared the wall (001) behind which locus 2 contains not much material, as a layer of sandy ground comes out. Apparently it is already the bedrock. So we continue excavating in front of the wall--locus 3. The soil is very dark, granular and wet. The ceramic material is several times more than lithic and faunal materials.