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Little new data was collected today, as we assisted Ian in the acquisition of magnetometry data at Lusagyugh and walked "extensive" transects for the rest of our time in the area. Weather was clear and hot, good for examining the Lusagyugh hilltop settlement (01, Ar/Lu.ICL14.03) and documenting a new settlement at the southern edge of the inter-ridge bay (Settlement 02, Ar/Lu.AG15.18).

At Lusagyugh Settlement 01, we walked the ridge S-N and collected a very small amount of ceramic and obsidian materials, none of it diagnostic. The landscape there is rather turbated and confusing--E-W architectural formations are interrupted by burials and limited N-S walls. It is difficult to say it the site constitutes a settlement or simply a terraced necropolis.

At Lusagyugh Settlement 02, we walked the contour-oriented, N-S lines visible from the valley floor and confirmed that they consists of stone architectural berms, including intra-mural, E-W divisions. These architectural pieces split the slope into a set of room blocks, 4 or 5 rows in vertical height. Only one fragment of obsidian was collected from the surface, despite several cuts and disturbances exposing soil. May be an Iron Age or later site. Work tomorrow will focus on formal transect walking in Lu.