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Today we surveyed south of the M3 north of Aragats, and walked transects 17, 18, 19, 20. These were North / South transects that ran from the Kasahk to the foothills of Aragats. Throughout the day we found fortresses and settlements near the Kasahk river. Much of these were mounds that were connected, and shared some common architecture features such as cut stone walkways that ran across the top of the mounds. First transect of the day (17) ran through fields and had limited finds, but at the end we ran across the settlement. This was large and was mainly contained to the north side of the mound settlement near the river. Here we found large wall structures, and evidence for some rooms. We also found graves near the river. The settlement appeared to be terraced. Transect 18 (north) found more architecture including a cut stone corridor. This was on top of the mound, and the corridor almost ran the length of the mound. A stone wall covered the south part of the mound. Another fortress was found on transect 19 (again by the river). Artifact scatters were found, mainly obsidian including some artifacts that may date to the paleolithic. Few pot sherds were found. The last transect (20) mainly contained soviet era sprinkler heads and irrigation equipment.