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Today marked the first uninterrupted survey day of the season, and the lack of rain allowed us to complete three sizable transects, getting us to the halfway point of this northwestern portion of the Nigavan survey landscape (transects 2-4). The area was significantly dominated by Soviet amelioration evidence: long lines of stones and boulders at the edges of fields, as well as mounded "islands" of clearance in the centers of broad cleared areas. Nevertheless, a few burial clusters and isolated architectural pieces were noted on several transects.

On my own transects, only one item of note was recorded: an in situ, vertical stone stela on a high hilltop overlooking the Kasakh river to the east and Mt. Aragats to the west. It was composed of a single rectangular block of basalt, approximately .75m tall and 20cm square. No markings were visible, although the stela appeared to taper a bit near the ground.