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This morning we droned the fortress at Dzoraglukh, poised an impressive, steep 150 m above the modern village's cemetery. As usual, we used four transects to capture the hill. It's a very well preserved site, with large pieces of STANDING architecture and a fortress wall the is visible circumscribing almost the entire hill. There are two primary terraces (East and West) aligned parallel to a central ridge spine/outcrop, with what may be secondary terraces a little closer to the top (as well as tertiary terraces or even single rooms below the main terraces on the slope). Multiple rooms are visible within the terraces through terrace-perpendicular walls and changes in vegetation color. A great site with unfortunately little surface material, but very inconveniently located for fieldwork.

In the afternoon we took final mapping points (operations) at Aparani Berd BC 03 and continued to train Arsho in the use of the total station. We mapped the corners and datums for trenches 02-04. Light spitting rain proved no hindrance. Tomorrow we return to transect walking and groundtruthing.