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The rock wall has partially collapsed overnight. This is most likely due to a combination of water in the trench from rain and cattle which have appeared to have stomped on the backdirt pile and trench. We had to remove the stones from the trench since it was difficult to determine where they were located and the dirt has been washed away. However, a second line of rocks from the wall still exists. The wall in general is very unstable and most likely is partially fallen due to its location on the slope. Created a two new locus 4 and 5 on the western trench. Locus 4 is a hard pack surface, and locus 5 is a much darker locus which is artifact dense. This maybe a burn layer, as there are some burnt bones and charcoal. However, it also looks like the soil is rich in organic matter, and maybe speckled with tooth. I took soil from this trench for flotation in hopes of understanding the burn layer.