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The trench has been extended south 1 meter and the workers have used shovels in order to make the trench level with the other area. The rocks do extend south, and the wall does continue. The wall, unfortunately, is very unstable and a few rocks have fallen and have to be removed because of safety issues. Photographs were taken before their removal. Created a locus 5 for the burn layer. Originally this was an isolated locus, but as we have gone down I have noticed that it has extended cross the trench. In some cases this is a dark organic matter within the reddish clay layer. Locus 3 on the east side of the wall has a low ceramic count, and appears to be somewhat natural soil matrix. Created a locus 6 for the soil near the wall. This is a lighter matrix similar to that in locus 3, but appears to be holding the wall together. We do have limited artifacts coming from this layer. The front row of stones, however, have a soil matrix closer to the stratigraphy in the western part of the trench.