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Visited Gabby's trench at Gegharot today, and took soil samples. Attempted to spatially organize the soil, but I was somewhat limited to where the workers were excavating. I ended up taking 20 soil bags from locus 7, 29/30, 32. Most of the soil from locus 7 was taken from Northern section of the trench. I was able to take some from the southern area of the locus, but only a few soil bags. Also, I was not able to take soil from the middle of the inner circle. This is due to the fact that there was a high artifact concentration. If initial flotation results find concentrations of charcoal, I will have Gabby take additional samples.

Also, I continued with pollen/phytolith wash on kurgan 6 vessels. At this point I am being selective on which vessels I can wash. I am only able to do washes on vessels that very clean and do not have a lot of calcification.