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We are continuing to excavate trench 16. I had the guys go down 10 cm in the west most locus (9) where we hit a soil change. We also explored locus 3 which is a semi circular rock pile that appears to be sitting on top of a wall. We thought there maybe more of a corner, but after continuing to excavate the rocks seem to continue. There appears to be one broken bottera vessel associated with the locus that is a very thick pinkish ceramic which is not a very fine quality. I am not sure what period it comes from. We also lowered locus 7 and found that the rocks didn't continue. It doesn't appear that there was a soil change and it seems to be on a wash layer. I did take soil from the rock level just incase there was a floor. Also we had a soil change in locus 9 after going down 10 cm. We also lowered locus 6 to be level across the entire east side.