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July 13, 2017

Today we took down locus 13 to look for a floor we may have hit a more packed surface that the rocks are sitting on but it is unclear if there is another level of rocks or not. I dug a bit deeper and found that there are what appears to be another level of rocks. We also removed the floating rocks from locus 10. These rocks were pedestaled and it appears that the rocks were fall and sitting on the surface. I also had them cleaned the rocks in locus 8. These appear to be a rock pile which may have been intentionally placed in the corner. Tomorrow I will photograph and remove these rocks. We have had a soil change in locus 15 which is the locus under the rock wall. Now that rocks have been removed locus 10 has been combined with locus 10. Also started floating my larger locus samples. These samples are very high in roots and low in carbonized material. I have had some issues with the screens becoming clogged causing overflow and processing the heavy fraction has been difficult. I need to find an alternative processing method to quickly process the soil without losing material.