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As well as the trench is rather big (5 x 15 m) we devided it into 3 parts - a, b, c (from east to west). When we were removing the topsoil in the part "c" many shards of EBA vessels were found right in the topsoil. We separated it as - c, loc. 2. It is next to a wall (in northern part). The rest of the area to the other side from the wall was marked as loci 3 and 4. Locus 3 is to the south from the wall and the loc. 4 - to the East from the EBA finds.
In c, loc. 2 a white bead (paste of talk) was found. There is a range of stones in the middle of that area (we are not yet sure that it is a wall).

T15 loc. 1 is for the whole area: after removing the topsoil we devided the trench on 3 parts - for each of them the first number of the loci is no. 2 (e.g. a, loc. 2, b, loc. 2, c, loc. 2 etc.)