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Today we have removed the fallen stones in the central part of T07. The depth of the trench is 125-130cm. Topsoil layer is 75 cm thick - it is black
soil with high concentration of ceramic, faunal and lithic material. The second layer - 20 cm - seems to contain more clay. The third layer consists of sand (bedrock) - thickness - 30cm. First we thought that we have really reached the bedrock. But just on the level of 130 cm in the western part of the trench the soil became again very dark and ceramic material appeared again. So we decided to expand the trench on 1,5 m from 2 sides - it became a square of 4,5 m. In the western expanded part there were 3-4 big '' wall sones'', but they are on the topsoil level and there is no continuation below them.
The work in the T08 was interrupted for awhile as we were cleaning up T05. We observe a strange situation here as there is no cultural level neither in front nor behind the wall. Apparently this is a terrace wall or ?. Its width - approximately 2m.