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With as much of the articulated skeleton cleaned as possible and the vessels also cleaned, we took additional photographs this morning and Hasmik then spent the majority of the day drawing the interior plan of the E662 tomb. As this work was proceeding I used the time to double check certain elevation and dimension measurements and to take needed measurements on loci in the T2E northwest quadrant. Once Hasmik had finished (~2:30) Ruben and I began to remove the articulated skeleton (locus E669) and the top of the bone pile (locus E670) in the rear of the chamber. We first removed the four vessels from the chamber: a large jar and a small cup from between the articulated skeleton and the pile, as well as two bowls from on top of and within the bone pile respectively. Ruben removed numerous long bones and two skulls from the rear (northern) bone stack and I removed the articulated skeleton, bagging bones groups such as ribs, feet, and hands, separately and then placing them in the designated cardboard boxes. Long bones and other robust material were placed directly into the cardboard box. Once all of the aforementioned human material had been collected I cleaned the southern half of the tomb to bedrock, overlain by a light (1cm) layer of fine sand (not the large, orange, colluvial wash). The remaining bone stack in the tomb's northern side will be excavated on Monday.