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The section drawing in the NW quadrant of T2E was the first order of business in T2E today, completed by late morning with Emil. This meant that the only remaining work in the trench was the excavation and photography of the westernmost trench loci, west of the possible LB terrace wall. We spent the remaining portion of the day bringing the locus E675 excavations to an appropriate depth below the architecture, pedestalling these two new constructions. The northern one is now locus E676, a southern continuation of the wall known from the T2 E500 series as E561. The southern piece of architecture is now termed locus E677 and it is unclear as to whether it is related to the E676 architecture. The walls seem to be at skewed angles to one another and I doubt that they are part of the same construction. The trajectory of E677 suggests that it likely runs NE, under the LB terrace wall and then under extant EB architecture in T2E, such as the locus E616 EB room wall. Once the walls were appropriately pedestalled and clean for photography we flattened the base of excavation in E675 and took photographs of those the three western loci (E675 - 7). With T2E complete (!) we spent the remaining 30 minutes cleaning up garbage and fallen cobbles from the hillside.