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We began a new 4m x 4m trench today at Aragatsi-Berd, just north of the village of Alagyaz, on the site's first north terrace. It is Aragatsi-Berd T1 There is a small step between the top of the site and this terrace, so technically we may be working on the second terrace. The entire summit of Aragatsi-Berd was stripped to bedrock during the Soviet-period installation of a TV antennae, thus most of the summit contours and surface architecture visible in satellite photos are missing. We placed our trench based on both the flat, undisturbed appearance of the terrace and its proximity to the top. The northern face of the hill appears significantly less eroded than the south slope terrace(s). There are also more terraces present on the north size (from the distance I counted at least 5). I wonder if some of these terraces are defensive measures and not actually past living surfaces