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Early work today involved the continued leveling of T1 on the southern side (the highest side). It is becoming increasingly apparent that this portion of the trench is already rather close to bedrock while the northern, flatter portion consists of a dark yellowish brown silty loam that is very easy to dig. Should the southern portion quickly terminate at bedrock there remains perhaps .5m - 1m of terrace for a northward expansion. With the highly difficult, rocky digging on the trench's southern side we cut the trench in half and dug the northern portion by itself once the excavation was leveled as much as possible. As we descended on the northern side of the trench today we began to get peeks of a silty pale yellowish brown layer, under the topsoil loam. Here the digging remains easy and materials in general are increasing in frequency across the trench. We now have more ceramics than obsidian fragments!