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This morning we continued to remove the locus 2 pale yellowish brown layer from the northern and western faces of our growing wall (now locus 3). All material frequencies remained high, and appear to be 90% LB. It is now clear that the wall proceeds from the NW corner of AB1 to the south and then gently turns west, running all the way to the western trench baulk. However, there is either a jog, a corner, a doorway, or a large collapse of stones, approximately 60cm east of the western trench wall. The line of stones is very nicely aligned and completely halts for about 4 courses, perhaps picking up below at the current base of excavation. This will become clearer as we descend in the siltier and siltier deposit. Also unclear is whether the wall is turning west in the trench's NW corner as well. The faces of this potential additional wall leg are nicely cut, but new rocks revealed in the wall corner today may complicated the situation. Are they wall fall or actual architecture.