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8/9/06 We began today's work with three goals: (1) to remove the pedestalled boulders in the center of the northern trench portion, sitting atop and inside of locus 1, (2) to clean the top and southern side of the locus 3 wall, and (3) to probe to bedrock, if possible, inside our architecture (or more specifically, to then NW of all the extant architecture. We measured the boulders one more time and then removed them from the trench. We took out the loam beneath the stones as part of locus 1 and then removed the rocky locus 2 silty deposit which was extremely rich in ceramics and fauna. This area of locus 2 also produced our first small finds from Aragatsi-berd, an obsidian blade and a groundstone tool. Once the pedestal was entirely removed we leveled this northwestern portion of the trench, the base of excavation, clearing away any remnants of locus 2 down to the locus 4 silt and occasional rock fall matrix. At the same time as this clearing was going on, Ganel was assigned to the removal of locus 1 loam from atop and