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This morning we excavated the entire remaining portion of our locus 4 probe to a bedrock base of excavation. We then cleaned the wall very well as well as the bedrock which sits to the south of the architecture and underneath the wall in the trench's northwest corner. Today we began screening the locus 4 matrix, directly above our bedrock trench base. Material densities continued to be low and the relationship between wall, bedrock foundation, and bedrock floor was still unclear. Ruben and Adam arrived mid-morning and I showed them the trench. While they were present with the photo board I also shot the trench from several different angles. I then decided that it was not necessary to open up the entire floor this year as the primary goal of acquiring a high quality LB Aragatsi-Berd sample was already satisfied. We expanded locus 4 approximately 1 meter to the west and began to dig this area to the same bedrock floor (~30cm deep matrix). We spent the remainder of the day removing and screening the locus 4 soil. While ceramic materials were less dense here than in the overlying locus 3, we had extremely high frequencies of astragali from locus 4. It is also now clear that while a large portion of the floor is made of bedrock, this bedrock has been somewhat packed with clay and in particular places overlain with flat paving stones. Tomorrow we plan to finish the excavation with the tidying of our floor and wall. We will then map the entire trench, draw a section, and use tape and compass to map the operation into the Aragatsi-Berd CAD schematic. Should time remain we will begin backfilling Friday afternoon.