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We began today with a complete cleaning of the locus 4 matrix from our floor, which was subsequently designated locus 5 (a floor layer consisting of bedrock, flat paving stones, and orange clay). The cleaning produced additional small finds, a bone pin and a pumice groundstone tool. Once we had removed all of this material and cleaned the large boulder sitting in the center of the open locus 6 floor we took photographs and mapped all newly exposed floor stones. We then removed the large boulder and cleaned the remaining floor portion beneath it. This work revealed three in situ astragali directly adjacent to one another, a stone spindle whorl, and three groundstone pebble tools. After photographing and clearing theses materials we took final trench photos and drew the northern AB1 section which displays all the relevant stratigraphy (our three major earth matrixes), a portion of the locus 3 wall, and the floor / paving stones. We then lay the plastic upon the unexcavated portion of AB1 (top of locus 4) and began to backfill the trench. By the end of the day we had backfilled approximately 2/3 of the excavation with the help of guests arriving from the Gegharot excavations closed earlier in the day. Tomorrow the workers will finish the backfilling of the trench while I assist Maddie in Aparan with flotation.