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We continued to remove backdirt from AB1 today, eventually reaching the bedrock floor and completely exposing the plastic over the unexcavated 2006 portion of the trench. We cleaned the Ar/Ab.AB1.3 wall and discovered that the northeast corner of AB1 contains a perpendicular terracing wall, not a turn in the Ar/Ab.AB1.3 wall as originally thought. This means that a wall runs roughly east-west from east of AB1's eastern baulk through the trench's northeast corner and into the eroded northern slope of the hill. Our work also included the measuring and cutting of AB2, a 4 x 4m operation located directly to the west of AB1, on the same terrace. Out intention is to catch the Ar/Ab.AB1.3 terracing wall as it proceeds west. We were able to remove all of AB2 sod today and began taking another 10cm topsoil cut.