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In AB2 we reached the bottom of locus 2 across the majorty of the trench today and exposed two walls at its base: on in the trenches southwest corner and one in the southeast, a possible continuation of the wall in AB1 (locus 3). Material frequencies continued to be quite high in locus 2, reaching 5 faunal and 4 ceramic bags from the 2 by 4m locus. Ceramic materials continue to be mixed, but dominated by LB sherds, according to my subjective visual perspective thus far.By the end of the day we had exposed the uppermost course of the two aforementioned walls. Each is built of medium-sized andesite, limestone, and chaulk cobbles, cut in tapering, ovoid shapes with flat interior faces--a single faced wall. The walls are eached placed up against the andesite bedrock, just as the AB1 locus 3 wall is positioned.The rocky locus 2 matrix of 90% cobbles appears to end after the first course of wall stones, but this will be clarified tomorrow as we finish off the remaining couple centimeters of locus 2 and change loci. The digging has been very difficult, so this would give us a nice rest from the rocks. The underlying level appears to be slightly lighter brown in color, slightly more sandy, and much less rocky.