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We attempted to map more of Aragatsi-Berd today with Ian's robotic total station, but due to operator error the bluetooth connection was never established between the prism and data collector. While it only took about 20-30 minutes to spent up, I spent the next hour trying to get the stadia rod to work without success. I worked out the issue with Ian and wil be more successful next time. In order to most easily supervise the workers during total station work I moved all of them to AB3 in order to complete the removal of locus 1 turf. This was quickly completed and the work then shifted to removal of the first 20cm of topsoil from the south half of AB3 (3 x 6m), also excavated as locus 1, a dark brown silty loam. We will excavate this south half, the lower and flatter portion of the trench, first and then move on to the upslope, rockier portion. THere were noticeably fewer rocks in the AB3 topsoil than in that of AB1 and 2. It would be great if the operation proves less rocky in general! In AB2 locus 8 we continued to descend through the locus 8 cultural fill, coming upon a broad expanse of wall fall between the locus 4 and 5 walls on our next 10cm pass. The wall fall contains pockets of clay, generous amounts of bone, some ceramics, and high frequencies of charcoal and mottled soil. We took 4 samples for potential C14 analysis, a grand improvement over the one sample from the AB1 excavations in 2006. Based on the (higher) elevation of the AB1 bedrock/clay floor, and the overall downward slope of the terrace from east to west, it seems likely that this layer of wall fall and artifacts overlays an LB floor. In AB1 we continued to clean the south-trench bedrock, revealing a downward cut and a 'brench' of andesite bedrock against which the AB1 locus 3 wall was built. This highly rocky matrix with light material frequencies is being excavated as locus 14. This bedrock also seems to proceed westward, eventually meeting up with the bedrock exposed in the southeast corner of AB2. There appears to have been a lot of preparation of the rear terrace bedrock for this long retaining wall. We will likely finish the work tomorrow.