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We again worked in three trenches today, continuing our descent through the AB3 topsoil, our excavation of the wall fall layer in AB2 (locus 9), and beginning our removal of the AB1 cultural fill locus 12. It was probably our hottest day of the season today, with little cloud relief or rain.In AB3 we continued removing the locus 1 topsoil from the northern 6 meters of the trench. The topsoil is incredibly rich and deep here, a dark silty loam with only moderate artifact frequencies. However, it runs significantly deeper on the west side of the trench, while the east side runs into a pale yellow clayey silt. This pale yellow locus also sits between the stones at the northern trench boundary--the possible terrace wall.In AB2 we began by cleaning colluvial rain wash from atop the locus 9 stones and matrix. we then proceeding to pull rocks and clean matrix, pull rocks and clean matrix, from east to west across the entire locus 9 pile of rock fall. This work revealed the semi-circular stone arrangment containing locus 9 to be defined as a possible additional wall, originating from the center of the locus 4 wall and extending in a curvelinear form towards the center of AB2.