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First thing this morning we completed the photography of AB3 locus 1. The current plan is to finish the excavation of AB1 and 2 before returning to AB3.In AB1 we exposed more of the cobble fall locus 13 underlying the locus 12 fill, as well as the articulation between the locus 3 wall (new portion) and its bedrock backing. Material densities continued to be moderate to high. In the northwest corner of the locus (and operation) a particularly soft area opened up to a hole? Rodent burrow? Void amongst wall fall? We'll investigate further tomorrow.In AB2 we exposed executd another 5cm pass in locus 10 (with shovels) after witnessing the appearance of an orange, possibly bedrock, matrix in some portions of the trench yesterday. We discovered that some of the material is certainly bedrock and changed loci to 11 when it become clear that a charcoal flecked, clayey locus overlaid the bedrock "floor" (which is remarkably flat and consistent). We also changed to troweling in locus 11. In some areas of this new locus, however, the clayey silt matrix continues deeper. We will investigate those areas separately upon the completion of the locus 11 work.