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Aparan Settlement 01
Alan Greene

This is a roughly 4-hectare settlement first identified south of Aparan via satellite imagery and then unsystematically examined by the 2016 survey team. We collected a considerable number of ceramics, which emerged from cuts in the earth that are clearly manmade and may reflect sod harvesting activity--and which may threaten the site in the future. There are multiple room blocks with what appear to be open spaces between them. Some walls are double faced and made of 80cm-1m boulders while others appear to be single-faced and made of smaller stones. Of particular interest is what appears to be an exterior wall to the south, which has outcrops that may serve a defensive purpose. The site lies to the south of a stream that is at the bottom of a shallow gorge. In the satellite imagery, we discovered that there may be more architecture than we were able to examine 7/13/16, but it does appear different in the images. The ceramics include some red slipware, a few plates, and a piece of ceramic with the lower extremities of a thin-legged animal (hesitate to call it a rhyton, given the size of the piece). There was also a piece of blue glass discovered at the site.

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